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Berber carpet home depot have become a ‘must have’ decorative. It is an authentic addiction that I have to this marvel of carpets, all with unique finishes, with a soft and pleasant texture and perfect to accompany the decoration of any room in our home. But do you know the origin of the carpet that has become the strongest trend in textiles in the Nordic style? Its origin comes from the Beni Ouarain women – a name that defines a group of seventeen Berber tribes dedicated to herding

And also to the area they inhabit: the northeastern mountains of the Moroccan Middle Atlas – they have been weaving these berber carpet home depot for centuries as a way of subsistence and to use them as mattresses and blankets against the frigid temperatures of the region in winter. They are made by hand on rustic wooden looms with pure sheep wool, a material that makes them very soft.

Each berber carpet home depot is totally irregular and, therefore, a unique piece. On the creamy tone, of golden reflections, that gives the natural wool geometric tribal motifs are drawn in brown, made with wool of this color coming, for example, from the neck of the animal, or in black, with wool dyed with natural products like bark of tree.