Decorate Ideas Narrow Entryway Table

Narrow Entryway Table Contemporary

Narrow entryway table is the entrance to your home and presents a first impression on your guests. A typical foyer element is the one-entry table. There are countless ways to decorate a post table, depending on your taste and purpose of the table. Factors that are included are specific themes that you may want to incorporate, space you have available and if you want your mail table to be functional or not.

Entry Table selection

The type of d├ęcor dictates the type of material you choose for your narrow entryway table. Mahogany or cherry tree is suitable for an antique approach, chrome and glass fits a modern theme, and painted or unpainted pine or cedar boards work well for a rustic theme. The size of the table is dictated by space in your foyer. Long, narrow tables that drive the length of the wall without longer than one foot are ideal for displaying photos, while shorter square or rectangular tables work well to place items like car keys or a purse that you usually take when leaving houses. Set up a post office on your contribution narrow entryway table. Place a notepad and a decorative container full of ink pencils on the table, along with a book of stamps. This will provide an ideal place for you to handle incoming and outgoing mail when you go. Place a small trash under the table where it will be out of the way but useful.

Season’s Decor

Place a table against a wall in front of a large mirror that serves as a background to mark items on the narrow entryway table from any angle. Change items on the table to complement the change of season. Spring flowers in an assortment of vases during the spring months, autumn flowers or even holiday poster in the fall and winter months and items that reflect the relaxing summer days are all easy to get hold of and change. Common themes for entry tables include antique, rustic and modern. Each of these themes dictates specific types of decorative pieces. An old jewelry or cheap ornament box will not only fit well for an antique-themed entry desk, it can be used to hold car keys, stamps or even mail. A rustic-themed table is suitable for cedar or number of drawers and candles. An abstract metal sculpture could be used on a modern entrance table, with the added benefit of giving a place to hang your car keys. Arrange the objects for aesthetic use, but leave space on the table to allow space to place objects that you enter the house with your hands full.