Making Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Country Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom ideas – Farms are truly American, and vintage farmhouses return to the simple structures built by the first settlers. From saltboxes to Greek reptiles, many farmhouse styles can be found in all areas of the country. Today, farm furnishings are influenced by other decorating styles from primitive land to English cottage. Doing a farmhouse bathroom to mirror its roots while bringing it up-to-date can be a challenge, but the end product is well worth it.


Lay wood flooring. Distress them to look worn before applying polyurethane to protect them from water and moisture inherent in a bathroom. Refinish the farmhouse bathroom ideas floorboards if they are in good condition or borrow some from other parts of the house, like the wind. Install it half or three quarter of the way up. Top it with shaping or shelf to use for displaying vintage bathroom items. Leave a pearl onboard naturally to darken on your own or paint the color of your choice. Select a complementary color for the wall above the board. Stencil a ram around the ceiling of a country designs like hearts or stars.

Clad roof with pearl on board or punched-tin panels. Gap it and install beams saved from a barn on its way to tearing. Change modern luminaires with them more in line with farmhouse bathroom ideas. Install a claw-foot tub and farm pedestal sink. Hide plumbing under the sink with a skirt made of checkered or calico material. For a shabby-chic look, choose two with peeling or crackling color. For a more traditional style, dress them to the original wood, color them and brush on a layer of polyurethane as protection.